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LAURIE DOVE, author and instructor

Have you started writing a book… and then stopped? Do you have a book idea but aren’t sure how to execute it? Have you written a manuscript but don’t know how to navigate the complicated agenting or publishing process?

I get it.

Writing is often a solitary endeavor but succeeding at it isn’t. So let’s talk.

When you need a coach to guide the writing process, an editor to make your work shine or an instructor to offer a deep-dive into your craft, get in touch.

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Advance your writing career through skills and strategies taught by a Harvard-educated award-winning
journalist, author and writing coach who is committed to your success.

Reading Like a Writer

To excel at writing fiction, a writer must understand the craft elements at work in fiction. To do so, it’s important to read and analyze stories from a writer’s perspective. By pulling back the veil, writers can learn how to craft their own remarkable fiction.

Each week, students will read a specific story in preparation for discussion of an aspect of craft. The reading consists of five short stories, which are provided, and a current novel, which students must obtain on their own.

If you seek to elevate your fiction writing, let those who have been there show the way. Once you learn how to closely read and analyze fiction, you unlock the key to understanding—and elevating—your own work.

Reading Fiction is open to writers of all levels. Students must be 18 years or older. Hurry, class size is limited! 6 weeks—August 7 to September 18—Sundays 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. CST    (no class Labor Day weekend)

Cost: $419 
One-on-One tuition: $1195 
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Crafting the Short Story

Writing a novel can seem like (and often is!) a daunting endeavor, yet writing a short story requires all the same fundamentals: a coherent point of view, well- developed characters, a plot that drives the action, and a setting that accentuates it all.

This course will offer an introduction to the basic building blocks of the short narrative. We will closely read some classics of the form, both old and recent, while we develop an understanding of specific craft elements with prompts and exercises. As the course continues, we will learn how to offer and receive constructive critiques and thoughtful feedback on a full-length story draft.

By the end of the course, students will have a story draft in hand, many ideas for future stories, and a toolkit of craft techniques for a variety of writing projects. This class will be held online, via zoom and in a private Facebook group. 2 weeks—10 calls—8 steps

Dates TBD

Cost: $597

Social Media Marketing for Writers

Join Laurie Dove, former president of Dove Media Group Inc. & High Plains Senior Marketing, award-winning journalist, and entrepreneur for a virtual social media marketing workshop this DATES TBD. Register today to learn how to use social media to build your platform and attract publishers, increase your book sales and market to your target audience.

2 Hour Workshop

Cost: $197

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